NHS Career Opportunities For Service Leavers & Veterans

This image contains 2 people, a person in a female in a Nurse uniform, and a male in a Military uniform. With the caption "Defence Medical Academy".

The Defence Medical Academy, working alongside Step into Health, has published a new booklet signposting the huge range of NHS employment opportunities available to the Armed Forces community, to help individuals build a new career in healthcare.

In addition to highlighting the career opportunities on offer, the booklet outlines the key skills and experience sought by NHS England (also applicable to other parts of the NHS), as well as how to apply, where to find out more and how to access additional support.

The NHS is the UK’s largest employer and offers more than 350 career roles across the community, from health centres, to ambulance trusts and hospitals. Not all these roles require prior healthcare training or experience and many of the Armed Forces community have skills and experience that are not only transferrable to the NHS but extremely sought after.

In the last three years, more than 1,700 members of the Armed Forces community have moved into successful careers in the NHS.