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Step into Health supports members of the Armed Forces community to gain employment in the NHS.

How does it work?

Step into Health is made up of NHS organisations which have pledged their support to the programme.

Through Step into Health, members of the Armed Forces community can connect to NHS organisations  to  set up training opportunities, clinical and general work placements, insight days and receive application support. The programme provides a dedicated pathway into a career in the NHS

Who is it for?

Step into Health is open to all service leavers, reservists, veterans, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers and the families of all of these.

Why work in the NHS?

There are more than 350 clinical and non-clinical roles within the NHS. Whatever your background, previous work experience and qualifications, you can find something that is suitable for you.

NHS organisations recognise the values and transferable skills that the Armed Forces community bring and recognise their compatibility with NHS roles.

Find out more about the different roles available and access career guides on the NHS jobs website.

What can you expect from Step into Health?

After registering yourself on our system, you’ll be able to get in touch with one our Step into Health contacts and speak directly to a dedicated person or team about opportunities within their organisation. They will be able to provide more information on the careers available within their organisation, work placements, information days, give application guidance and answer questions on the wider NHS.

Facebook group

Join the Step into Health Facebook group and ask employers questions, get advice or simply network with others.

Step into Health has been developed in partnership with NHS Employers, The Royal Foundation and Walking with the Wounded.

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