Estates and facilities

As part of the estates and facilities team, you’ll look after NHS buildings and the grounds. You’ll also make sure that medicines, goods and patients are where they need to be so care is received at the right time and at the right place.

Hear from some of those now working in estates and facilities:




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Elliot Drake in uniform
Tim Winter in high vis

Ian served for 23 years in the Royal Navy and has now joined the NHS as an audit manager. He initially struggled in commercial civilian life, but has now found a role where he can serve and help others.

Elliot left the Armed Forces after 26 years of service and a further seven years as a reserve. He is now a senior project support officer.

Tim joined the NHS after 36 years of service as a marine engineer officer in the Royal Navy. Tim found that Step into Health helped highlight the the opportunities for engineers within the NHS.

For more information on a career in NHS estates and facilities, visit the health careers website.