Elliot joined the Armed Forces as a Regular Infantry Soldier in 1990 and left the service after completing 26 years of service as a WO2. Elliot also joined the Army Reserves for a further 7 years and left his position as a WO1 Regimental Sergeant Major.

Elliot later decided his next career would be within the NHS and he highlighted that the “team ethos, similar values and standards, people, training, and self-development opportunities” were what drew him to the organisation. Since joining the NHS in 2023, Elliot has undertaken a Portering Team Operations Manager role and is now a Senior Project Support Officer within the Transformation Team.

Within his current and previous roles many transferable skills are used such as project management, leadership, compassion, values and standards, and time management. Elliot also highlighted the development and progression opportunities he has had exposure to; “I have attended several courses including health and wellbeing, ‘Courageous Conversations’, ‘Mental Health First Aider’, recruitment, rostering, project management, trauma risk management, NHS risk assessment training, and appraisal writing”.

Top tips for members of the Armed Forces community applying for vacancies in the NHS from Elliot include:

  1. Try to minimise the amount of information you place on your application. (Less is more)
  2. Apply for a lower entry role, it is slightly easier to move up the bands once you are in the Trust (I joined as a Band 5 I am now a Band 6 and have interviews lined up for band 7).
  3. Rehearse for your interview and be prepared to conduct a presentation if you are applying for roles above a band 6.
Elliot Drake in uniform


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