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Dan Brooks

Major (SO2) – Army


I was a Major (SO2) in the Army and I am now the Implementation Manager for the Veterans High Intensity Mental Health Service at Leeds & York Partnership NHS Trust. I landed the role via a direct approach to the hiring manager, with additional support from Step into Health programme lead Gemma Wright. The trust demonstrated a brilliant approach to recruitment and they allowed me to apply beyond the closing time. The hiring manager and HR department really are a credit to the trust and the NHS. My new colleagues were welcoming and receptive and my new role has been empowering and engaging from day one.

Dan’s employer told us: “The experience of Dan joining us has been an incredibly positive one. He clearly has the skills to work at a higher level in the NHS, once orientated a bit more into the wider workings of the health and social care system. This wasn’t a surprise considering his CV and experience, but I have seen people move from private sector to NHS and just struggle to adapt or not get it.

“He has played a massive part in delivering the service on time and in full, throughout a pandemic, despite having met me personally only once (and members of the team never) other than on calls. He has quickly become a hugely respected part of the team, due to his approachability, humour, commitment to delivery, communication and teamwork. Dan has also brought a wider perspective and connections to the Armed Forces and Veterans network which is helping to establish the new service.”