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Alistair Goffey

Sergeant – RAF


I left the RAF as a Sergeant and am now an Emergency Care Assistant with South Central Ambulance Service.  I joined the service after attending a military–only open day hosted by the Career Transition Partnership and by talking with their recruitment team, who gave me feedback on my CV and helped me through the application process. They organised an observation day for me, which enabled me to go out in a frontline ambulance on a 12-hour shift.

Since taking on the role, the main learning point for me has been to remember to step back, as I no longer have to take charge. Completing timesheets and claiming overtime is also very odd. My long-term goal is to step up to a Specialist Paramedic role. In the meantime, I hope to become trained as a Paramedic.

Alistair’s employer told us: “For many years now South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS), has been proud to support members of the Forces into roles across the trust. We have offered help, support and even set up focused Military networking events to allow interested personnel to visit us and find out what SCAS is all about.”