Celebrating a milestone: The NHS recognised as top employer for Veterans

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The NHS has been recognised as one of the top 50 Great British Employers of Veterans in 2024, reaffirming its commitment to supporting the Armed Forces community in their transition to civilian careers. This accolade underscores the NHS’s role as a leading employer that values the skills, dedication, and experience that veterans bring to the workforce.

The 50 Great British Employers of Veterans 2024 list, compiled by Ex-Forces in Business, celebrates organisations that demonstrate outstanding support for veterans transitioning to civilian employment. NHS Employers is honoured to be included among these exemplary organisations, reflecting our dedication to providing meaningful career opportunities for those who have served.

Why It Matters

To be included employers must exemplify best practices in veteran employment and support. All of the organisations included on the list go beyond lip service, actively creating environments where veterans can thrive. From recruitment strategies tailored to veterans’ unique skills to ongoing support programs, these employers set a benchmark for inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

Skills Recognised in Veterans

Veterans bring a wealth of transferable skills to the NHS, including leadership, effective communication, teamwork, adaptability, critical thinking, resilience, and a strong work ethic.

Employing members of the Armed Forces community enriches the NHS by diversifying its workforce, enhancing patient care, and supporting individuals who bring unique skills and experiences to their roles.

Initiatives and Programmes for the Armed Forces Community

The Step into Health programme, delivered by NHS Employers on behalf of the NHS, spearheads NHS efforts to recruit and retain talent from the Armed Forces community. Pledged NHS organisations commit to enhancing recruitment practices, establishing dedicated points of contact, and building a relationship with the Career Transition Partnership and other Armed Forces charities to facilitate smoother transitions into NHS careers. The programme not only facilitates recruitment, but also supports career development through tailored support and guidance.

Supporting Career Development and Training

The NHS recognises the diverse skills and experiences that members of the Armed Forces bring to the table. To further support their integration and development within the healthcare sector, several career development and training opportunities are offered:

  • Career Quiz: A tool designed to help potential employees identify suitable NHS careers based on their skills and experiences.
  • Apprenticeships: Providing pathways into various NHS roles through a blend of on-the-job training and classroom learning.
  • Continuous Professional Development: Offering educational courses, secondments, and support for career changes.

Recognition and Appreciation

Step into Health goes beyond recruitment; it ensures that hiring managers, line managers, and colleagues understand and appreciate the value of veterans as a talent group:

  • Workforce Training and Network Events: Hosting events to foster understanding and appreciation among NHS staff.
  • Work Placements and Insight Days: Providing opportunities for hands-on experience and insight into NHS operations.
  • Celebrating Success: Showcasing successful transitions and recruitment practices through conferences and online platforms.

Outreach and Engagement

Engagement with the Armed Forces community extends beyond recruitment:

  • Job Fairs: Participation in CTP employment fairs and other targeted events to connect with potential candidates.
  • Job Board Presence: Advertising vacancies on dedicated platforms like RightJob and Forces Families Jobs (FFJ).
  • Insight Days: Organising events to provide a closer look at NHS roles and opportunities.
  • Guaranteed Interview Scheme: Offering members of the Armed Forces community immediate interview opportunities if they meet the essential criteria.

Employee Resource Groups and Networks

The NHS encourages the development of veteran and military Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) or networks to provide support and facilitate integration within the organisation. By facilitating groups and networks such as this they allow veterans to network with their peers and continue to feel supported by the Armed Forces community.

Why Choose the NHS?

Members of the Armed Forces community are encouraged to consider the NHS for its wide range of fulfilling roles that align with their skills and values. Joining the NHS means becoming part of a dedicated team committed to improving healthcare outcomes and making a positive impact on communities.

In conclusion, the NHS stands as a leader in supporting the Armed Forces community, offering not just jobs but fulfilling careers that utilise and celebrate the diverse skills and experiences of the Armed Forces community. For those looking to transition into civilian life or seeking new career challenges, the NHS represents an employer of choice dedicated to inclusivity, support, and continuous development.

For more information and to view the full list of the  50 Great British Employers of Veterans 2024, visit Ex-Forces in Business.