Candidate survey

What members of the Armed Forces community have to say about Step into Health

In 2021 we conducted a survey about the Step into Health programme.

162 members of the Armed Forces community responded.

View some of our favourite responses to the question: How has Step into Health helped you consider a career in the NHS?

SITH unequivocally helped my transition from the Armed Forces to the NHS.

It gives you the confidence to go for it and feel like the NHS actually notices the skills that you can bring to the table.

I now feel I have an exciting career in the NHS.

It has inspired me to aim to work for the NHS.

It has been very useful to have a point of contact within the NHS when considering my next employment. Even just knowing there is a programme makes me feel valued and that the NHS would make an excellent employer for my next career.

Step into Health was the major factor that enabled me to get a foot into a healthcare career.

Shows the commitment of the NHS to support veterans.