On 5 October 2023, Step into Health delivered a candidate webinar in collaboration with the Career Transition Partnership to members of the UK Armed Forces community interested in careers with the NHS.  This featured guest speaker Paul Chapman MCSP DSA (csp), programme manager centre for AHP education & transformation  workforce, training and education, NHS England. 

The webinar provided an overview of how the Step into Health programme, in collaboration with its pledged NHS organisations. This supports members of the UK Armed Forces community to explore the wide variety of roles within the NHS, both non-clinical and clinical. Delegates heard from Paul who focused on the variety of Allied Health Professional roles and provided information on the various pathways into these professions. 

The event was attended by 51 delegates with representation from across the Armed Forces community. Organisations that engage with members of the Armed Forces community that are looking to gain employment, including The Forces Employment Charity, The Poppy Factory and Armed Forces champions from the DWP attended so that information could be shared. 

During the presentations, attendees were encouraged to create a profile on the Step into Health candidate portal to enable pledged NHS organisations to be notified of their interest. This opens up opportunities to offer and arrange various pre-employment activities and support such as application guidance and work placements. 

Attendees were made aware of the many transferable skills they possess due to their experiences of being part of the Armed Forces community and how those skills are likely to be highly valued in AHP roles.

If you were unable to attend the resources below are available here to assist in your research into AHP roles and pathways:

 Armed Forces Into Allied Health report and webpage

 Armed Forces specific case studies

 NHS Health Careers 

Guidance about exploring and applying for any of the other roles within the NHS.